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I’Anson are a family owned and managed company that manufacture and supply premium animal feed to agricultural, equine and pet food industries.

Their factory in Masham, North Yorkshire, is the centre of the operation and between Masham and the Melmerby Distribution Centre, employ more than 90 people. Just looking at the latest I’Anson news, long term employees are regularly celebrated, and it is this strong family ethos coupled with an impressive embracement of new processes and technologies that has been the mainstay of the company.

Focussing on high quality products and customer service I’Anson remain market specialists in manufacture and supply of feed for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, horse, and pets: everything from chickens to chinchillas!

Turn the clocks back 122 years to the start of the I’Anson story. In the small market town of Masham in North Yorkshire, Great-grandfather of the current directors, Christopher I’Anson, acquired a small agricultural firm and a banking agency. This banking agency eventually became the Midland Bank (now HSBC) Christopher welcomed his first farm and bank customers on July 15, 1900. Thus, Christopher became the first Midland Bank manager in the town.

IAnson Masham North Yorkshire
I’Anson, Masham,
North Yorkshire

Today, I’Anson the business thrives with annual revenues in excess of £45 million, supplying farming and equine customers across the UK and in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The Christy Turner and I’Anson relationship dates back to the 1970’s when our late Chairman, Ron Gosling, started what was to become a long and successful relationship. The first Turner 460 flaking mill was delivered in 1975, adding subsequent 460 915 mills in 1979 and into the eighties.

Six of the Christy Turner 460 flaking mills all still running today
Seven of the Christy Turner 460 flaking mills, all still running today
Chris IAnson 4th Generation Managing Director
Chris I’Anson,
4th Generation Managing Director

I’Anson now boast 7 Christy Turner flaking mills. There’s also a Christy Turner X Mill, purchased back in the seventies and it is in use, every single day.

4th Generation MD, Chris I’Anson, joined the company in 1978 and became MD in 1993. The Directors have always taken a particular interest in research and development in new products and processes, and this has clearly maintained I’Anson’s seat in the agricultural feed market. One such development that they are rightly proud of is the micronizing process that I’Anson deploy in the feed manufacturing process.

Micronizing, a process I’Anson use to create their feed products in conjunction with our flaking mills, is a cooking process that uses infrared rays to cook cereals or pulses at lower temperatures and for shorter times than traditional heating methods. Gas burners are used to generate the infrared rays that are absorbed by the products. The raw materials are passed under the burners on variable speed belts to achieve the desired level of being cooked. The product is then passed through a flaking mill, (our Christy Turner 460 flaking mills) to create flakes. These flakes can be used in whole or ground form, depending on purpose.


The I'Anson Directors

The benefit of micronized products over traditional feed manufacturing methods includes improved nutritional value, increased available energy, and streamlined digestibility. The end product of micronized flakes provides an excellent source of highly available nutrients that are visually appealing as well.

A subsidiary of I’Anson, Masham Micronized Feeds, or MMF, have established themselves in over 40 years as a leading manufacturer and supplier of micronized feed products across Europe.

The seven workhorse Christy Turner 460 Flaking Mills have been in constant use and very much a part of I’Anson’s premium product manufacturing process. Here, the flaking mills are deployed in the rolling of micronized grains of wheat, barley, maize, oats and other grains and seeds

Some of the benefits of these reliable mills include a heavy-duty cast-iron chassis, the mill retains the stability and accuracy of the roll gap and imposed pressure. The castings absorb the high pressures and shock loads to give a long and trouble free life. High precision, rigid bearing arrangement enables the production of very fine flakes, essential for the I’Anson micronizing process. Chilled iron rolls manufactured from the highest quality spun cast chilled iron, allow a considerable number of regrinds.

Chris uses Christy Turner’s Spares and Servicing facility to service their flaking mills and regrind the rolls and make sure that production is seamless with no down time.

A relationship that spans over 45 years and flaking mills that are just as robust is a rare find in today’s industries. Our companies continue to develop, but many of the old family values remain and are a testament to both our company’s success.

Read about our Christy Turner 460 Roller Mill or make an enquiry here: https://www.christy-turner.com/products/product/4-460-animal-feed

Read more about I’Anson here: https://www.ianson.co.uk/

Read more about Micronized Feeds here: https://www.mmfeeds.com

Delivery of the first Christy Turner 460 Flaking Mill to IAnson in 1975
Delivery of the first Christy Turner
460 Flaking Mill to I’Anson in 1975
Delivery of the first Christy Turner 460 Flaking Mill to IAnson in 1975 1
Delivery of the first Christy Turner
460 Flaking Mill to I’Anson in 1975
Delivery of the first Christy Turner 460 Flaking Mill to IAnson in 1975 2
Delivery of the first Christy Turner
460 Flaking Mill to I’Anson in 1975
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