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This week saw acknowledgement to Andrew Wilkin for completing his apprenticeship in our workshop.

Christy Turner has not taken an apprentice on since 1998, so this award was welcome return to vital investment in training.

It was Ron Gosling, then CEO, and Ian Butcher, Managing Director, who decided to reintroduce this policy, and in September 2018 Andrew Wilkin was taken on.

Production Manager, Bob Rudd, tells us more:

“With a keen interest in engineering and machining, Andrew has performed admirably since his first day. He has exceeded in his learning and has become the corner stone of the machine shop in such a short time.

His learning from the Christy Turner ‘elders’ was severely hampered when his mentor sadly had a stroke and the last remaining machinist retired, leaving Andrew in the sole position of grinding, matting & fluting rolls which is fundamental to our business.

His next challenge is to spread this knowledge of machining the rolls and train up the newer recruits in the department.

Well done Andrew on completing your apprenticeship and I hope you have many more years of enjoyable employment within the company”.

Andrew is delighted to have learnt so much and a valuable career looks promising for him:

“I’ve really enjoyed my apprenticeship with such a well established and successful company. Having learned from skilled engineering staff, I have honed my skills for a career with Christy Turner, particularly with a key part of the workshop service, our roll refurbishment. It’s been a great opportunity”

With Maison Kerr well into his Apprentice programme and plans to add another, the growth of the company is being reflected in its investment in its people.


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