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Jeff has been with Christy Turner since 1998, joining from local engineering firm Manganese Bronze and has seen several revisions of the historic company over the years.

When Ron Gosling bought Christy Norris back in 2002, new opportunities in size reduction engineering opened and Jeff was at the centre of the operation to manage a more consistent workload in an increasingly busy factory.

The machine shop was closed in 2010 to make way for innovations with the Christy Turner staple market of roller mills, hammer mills, flaking mills, pulverizers and steam chests and Jeff went on to be appointed Spares and Purchasing Manager.  Being observant about what’s on market and adjusting buying and selling decisions accordingly is a difficult task: the balance of spares, sales, servicing and resources is a valuable skill, and it is his years of experience and constantly observing market trends that keep the operation running smoothly.

Spares are a vital part of the Christy Turner operation and an embellishment of their vital after sales service. Looking around the warehouse in Ipswich, there are hundreds of cast spares waiting to be shipped to anywhere in the world, or used on an in house refurbishment.

Running the Spares and Purchasing operation, Jeff gets to communicate with his international supply chain and consumers: he tells us “I really enjoy communicating with both my suppliers and our customers, I get to see both sides of the coin. This makes for a steady workload and always enough to do”

Enough, in fact, to take on Kieran as an assistant who is fast learning the ropes as a Technical Spares Engineer.

Away from work, Jeff is married To Denise with 3 grown up daughters and is an avid carp fisher and renovations enthusiast.