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Maison joins us fresh from school and will stay with us for 4 years as an apprentice Engineering Technician.

The long course sees Maison go through a variety of skill sets: as part of his course, he will be working with Tom to learn about fitting, Dave, who will teach him preparation work for painting and painting, plus an introduction to refurbishing and servicing roller mills, hammer mills, flaking mills and pulverizers that keep our workshops so busy.

Spending 4 days a week at Christy Turner is a great opportunity to learn from the excellent team of qualified and experienced specialists, while spending one day a week at Suffolk New College, Maison gets to learn the more technical side of the work.

Production Manager, Bob Rudd was impressed with Maison right from the interview stage:

“The clinching moment for Maison was when he explained how he had made his own scooter. He worked out all the components needed, sourced them, and using his own manual skills and dexterity and fabricated his own mode of transport. This, to me, indicated he had initiative”

Maison landed himself his first role and continued to impress Bob:

“In the few months he has been here, he has indeed shown initiative, tenacity, excellent time keeping and a clear willing & eagerness to learn. 

Before he gets fully into machining, to expand his knowledge and skill set he will be spending a few months in each department.
Indeed, to date, he has been in the packing area and learnt how to package goods. The stores and how this works. The spray booth and learnt how to spray & prime castings. The fitting shop and developed basic hand skills used for fitting / assembly work.
He has also gained experience on how to use basic machinery like a band saw, pillar drill, radial drill and a linisher.

I am extremely pleased with Maison's progress to date and I'm sure he will endeavour to continue in this manner”.

Maison is clearly enjoying the apprenticeship so far: “I think it’s amazing, I really enjoy it and I’m doing something different every day, it’s not boring at all” he says

Maison originally hails from Scotland, and still follows the Scottish Premier Football League, he also enjoys the gym and has a natural engineering ability to use on his hobbies. We wish him well in his apprenticeship with us.