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Test Centre

Daniel Dormer, Technical Manager

Our history is considerable, but our history of innovation is impressive.

It was in 1862 that we worked on the first roller mill of its kind for a certain Mr Fison, right here in Ipswich, UK.

Times change and the expectation to provide a reliable process for your requirements means we need to make sure that the product we sell you is not only fit for purpose but arrives with an already proven benefit of precise test results and capacity estimation.

The decision to choose a Christy Turner hammer mill, roller mill or pulverizer to process your material, be it classic cereals, pet bedding, equestrian feed, biomass, coffee or crab shells, amongst over 200 and counting different materials we have put to the test in our dedicated Test Centre, can be simplified by submitting your material for test with us. As part of our commitment to research and development and to keep up to date with just about any requirement to process materials, we offer a full trial ahead of making what can be a massive investment and buying decision. With your request, we will process your materials to produce the exact grade of end product you require and specify the roller mill, hammer mill or pulverizer that produced it, together with output and capacity expectations. This means your Christy Turner purchase will arrive with you without any doubt as to its performance in your particular field. A completely safe investment and peace of mind for your production schedule and results.

Let’s not underestimate the relevance of our sustainability here: much of what we test is repurposing waste for new uses: pallets into horse bedding, wool waste into dog bed stuffing, crab shells into fertiliser and our recent experiments in the fast developing field of biomass are very exciting.

Our list of tested materials grows daily and means another challenge for Daniel and Holly in the Test Centre. Daniel Dormer, Christy Turner Technical Manager, explains: We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our products to new or existing clients, whilst working alongside project stakeholders/often business owners who are investing their own capital in the development/improvement of new or existing products or processes. Our satisfaction comes from providing our clients with repeatable solutions with real world returns whilst building lasting client relationships.”

Read more about our Test Centre process here. Why not call us on 01473 742325, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put us to the test.